• Drug & Alcohol Addiction Assessment


    Substance abuse or addiction has a heavy hand on a person’s life; it can deeply affect them on many levels, causing damage to their body, mind, and relationships. Sometimes—in certain circumstances—when a person’s substance use has gotten out of control, they may find themselves engaging in activities that endanger themselves, their health, or that of others.


    When a person has reached this point and they need help, either as mandated through the court, by choice, or through an intervention, they will commonly be faced with a substance abuse evaluation. This evaluation is a tool used to help determine the extent of a person’s misuse and abuse of drugs or alcohol and to determine how to go about treating a person to achieve the greatest success.


    Drug & Alcohol Addiction Standard Assessment - $400.00

    Add On, Report Completed in 4 Days - $150.00

    Add On, Report Completed in 2 Days - $200.00

    Add On, Violence/Risk Assessment - $750.00


    Standard Assessment Completed within 10 Business Days. Please call today to schedule your confidential assessment. Call 702-900-SWIC (7942)