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    We always strive for the best.


    SouthWest Integrated Care Services (SWICS) is a behavioral healthcare agency dedicated to providing integrated mental and behavioral healthcare services to our clients so they can live a well-balanced, healthy life and to maximize their potential. From youth to adults SWICS provides beneficial treatment plans that allow our clients to combat the issues they face on a daily basis. We are commited to our clients success and our goal is to give them the tools they need to live a happier and more fulfilling life.


    We engage our clients socially and interactively so they are able to successfully participate in community-based activities and build lasting relationships. Through therapy and rehabilitation our clients are able to function successfully in the community. Our treatment plans strike at the root of the issues that our clients face and our professional staff implement these plans so that each client feels as though they can manage their issues with focus and control.


    Our staff cares for each one of our clients and is highly qualified and professional. We have an unwavering commitment to our client’s success and well-being. Our staff meet and exceed requirements needed to be successful to our clients. We provide constant training and require that our staff perform continuing education courses in their related field of expertise. SWICS sets the bar high when it comes to our staff, we feel that if we are prepared, professional and caring then we can be most effective to the needs of our clients.


    SWICS provides a holistic company infrastructure that manages the administrative and service areas of our company. Our quality assurance department keeps us in compliance with all state agencies and with insurance providers. We hire professional staff, that is qualified in their areas of expertise and we develop them to meet the high standards of our company. SWICS dedication to our clients, our staff, healthcare providers, insurance providers and agencies in our industry is second to none; we pride ourselves on being a company that manages itself with high standards, high quality services, a clear vision for the future and absolute professionalism.

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