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    RMH Services

    RMH (Rehabilitative Mental Health Service) services are goal oriented outpatient interventions that target the maximum reduction of mental and/or behavioral health impairments and strive to restore the recipient’s to their best possible mental and/or behavioral health functioning.

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    Therapeutic Services

    Therapy is a collaborative process and confidential relationship between you and your counselor to guide you in identifying, assessing, and finding resolution to your individual problems, and issues that affect your self-esteem, self-confidence, school, job, or relationships.

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    Mental Health


    A mental health assessment gives your provider an overall picture of how well you feel emotionally and how well you are able to think, reason, and remember (cognitive functioning). SWICS has a wide array of mental health assessments to choose from.

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    Service Fees

    Most of the services SWICS provides should be covered by your insurance provider but in some cases your insurance company won't cover the complete cost. Please check with one of our friendly and professional team members to see if your insurance will provide the necessary coverage for services. We currently accept MEDICAID, Out of Network, and cash pay clients.